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Travel Program

Travel News

The Spring season is upon us. We have an ambitious schedule with teams playing in nationally recognized tournaments such as the Jefferson Cup. Many of our teams will be competing in the prestigious EDP Spring League and Maryland State Cup. The Showcase teams are schedule to play in front of college coaches at multiple events throughout the Spring.
All exciting stuff. Check back frequently for updates.

Let’s roll


Travel Program(2003 Rising 8th Graders & 2004-2009)

Showcase Program(2000-2002 & 2003 Rising Freshman)

2017-18 Girls Travel Coaches

Birth Year Age Level Head Coach Assistant Coach(es)
2009 U9 Gold Francios Ductan George Noonan
2008 U10 Gold Cheryl Synowiec Ryan McLaughlin
2006 U12 Gold Sam Witte Chris Webster
2006 U12 Maroon Mark Ondo Katherine Layton
2005 U13 Gold Ed O'Leary Ian Wilson
2005 U13 Maroon Cheryl Synowiec Ray Knupp
2003 U15 Gold Brian Rush
2001 U17 Gold Ed O'Leary Keith Arendall

2018-18 Boys Travel Coaches

Birth Year Age Level Head Coach Assistant Coach(es)
2009 U9 Gold Zach Grubb
2008 U10 Gold Tim Perunko R. Knupp
2008 U10 Maroon Will Tyler Joey DiCarlo, Anisa Vintimilla Cabrera
2007 U11 Gold Ryan Pusey Donnie Seaton
2006 U12 Gold Alex Hargrove P. McGladdery, B. Hofmann, J O'Holloron
2006 U12 Maroon Steve Pastusak Dave Corry
2005 U13 Gold Colby Fells Keith Thompson, Ryan Pusey
2005 U13 Maroon Dave Robinson
2004 U14 Gold Logan Webster Geoff Koch, Ryan McLaughlin
2003 U15 Gold Brian Rush
2003 U15 Maroon Kenny Driscoll Kristen Wheatley
2002 U16 Gold Cameron Scott Steve Coady
2000 U18 Gold Thom Skoglund Brent Jett
1999 U19 Gold Rusty Brown Brent Garrison


2013 N/A N/A
2012 N/A N/A
2011 N/A N/A
2010 N/A N/A
2009 U9 7v7
2008 U10 7v7
2007 U11 9v9
2006 U12 9v9
2005 U13 11v11
2004 U14 11v11
2003(rising 8th Graders) U15 11v11
2003(rising Freshman) Showcase 11v11
2002 Showcase 11v11
2001 Showcase 11v11
2000 Showcase 11v11